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At Uni-Bio Science
we are dedicated to improving the quality of life of patients through innovative treatments

Uni-EPO-Fc completes phase I single dose study

March 2016

Uni-Bio Science acquires exclusive global rights to Type 2 diabetes drug mitiglinde from Jiangsu Hansoh Pharmaceuticals

November 2015

Uni-Bio Science receives cGMP for its manufacturing line in Beijing

September 2015

Uni-Bio Science announces positive phase III results for Uni-E4 in Type 2 diabetes

August 2015

Uni-PTH accepted for CFDA review

April 2015

Our market-leading products

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Genuine innovative science, improving patients' lives

Our scientists at our R&D centres apply vigorous research and innovation to develop novel medicines that have blockbuster potential.

Our Development Pipeline | Status
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Therapeutic Areas

We develop and market novel medicines to improve the quality of lives of patients with diabetes,
osteoporosis, eye and skin diseases.

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True collaborative partner

We believe in collaboration. We have a broad range of healthcare partners that deliver therapies to patients in need.

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Bringing cost effective and innovative treatments to patients across China

We are headquartered in Beijing with a growing network of sales and marketing operations around the region. Our dedicated employees work closely with healthcare professionals at more than 1,000 hospitals in about 30 provinces to develop and market novel therapies to improve the quality of life for patients across China.

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Uni-Bio Science Healthcare Ltd.

Room 915, Nanyin Building
No. 2 Dongsanhuan Beilu Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

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Uni-Bio Science Healthcare Ltd.

Uni-Bio Science Healthcare is a leading Chinese biopharmaceutical company focused on addressing unmet medical needs in China. Our highly-experienced team leads our group of three subsidiaries which provide unparalleled expertise in research, development, manufacturing and commercialisation of novel therapies to world-class standards.


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